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The Future of Networking is in the Palm of Your Hand

Published on May 18, 2012 By David

Did you know that, on average, people spend more time using Facebook and Twitter on their mobile phone than they do on computers/laptops? As this article and report point out, it’s true. Now, we’ve looked at how Twitter and Facebook can play into your networking approach before. But as I’ve pointed out, Linkedin is still […]

Branching Out Your Network With Facebook

Published on May 1, 2012 By David

It’s true: some people network better for their careers on Facebook than on Linkedin. While that may defy logic (after all, Facebook has established itself as THE social network for friends while Linkedin is clearly THE social network for career contacts), I’ve had more than one client who found more success networking on Facebook. Here’s […]

Linkedin Is Still The Promised Land For Recruiters

Published on April 4, 2012 By David

Not too long ago we looked at why Facebook is relevant to hiring managers and recruiters. And while it’s still important to maintain your presence on Facebook (and Twitter, too), a recent survey by Bullhorn, Inc. makes it very clear that Linkedin is where recruiters expect to find the most success in finding the right […]

The Experts Are Betting on LinkedIn

Published on March 21, 2012 By David

As THE professional social network, LinkedIn continues to surge with new members and opportunities. And while it’s expected that copycat sites will keep popping up to try and capitalize on LinkedIn’s career social networking model, the experts at Goldman Sachs are predicting only more success for LinkedIn. Per this Business Insider article, Goldman Sachs has […]

Linkedin Boot Camp For Visual Learners

Published on November 22, 2011 By David

We’ve talked about Linkedin a lot here, and for good reason – it’s the way to network now and for the foreseeable future. But if you’re still wanting to fully understand the what’s, why’s and how’s, here’s a great infographic (I can’t go TOO long without posting a good infographic!). Any surprises here for you […]

How Do Recruiters Use Social Networks To Screen Applicants?

Published on October 26, 2011 By David

This infographic from Reppler pretty much tells the story!

How To Make Your Resume Stand Out Online

Published on October 5, 2011 By David

I just read an article from US News titled 6 Creative Ways To Showcase Your Resume Online and found it very inspirational. Ideas like introducing a video resume, developing an interactive resume and even activating your resume via QR code are fun, and will no doubt help you stand out. But the article also made […]

Volunteering Is Now a Selling Point on LinkedIn

Published on September 11, 2011 By David

Big news from LinkedIn this week – the go-to career networking social network is now encouraging everyone to include their volunteer experience. Per an article on Mashable: Promoting your charitable experience will help get you a job, according to a recent survey by┬áLinkedIn. The company polled nearly 2,000 U.S. professionals and found that 41% said […]

More Backup For Networking Via Social Media

Published on August 16, 2011 By David

As I’ve stressed before, social media is becoming a mandatory tool in networking. If you’re resisting new job searching strategies because they break your comfort zone, this is something you’re going to need to overcome. This article in the Tennessean showcases some statistics that prove you must play in the social world if you want […]

How Are People Using Linkedin?

Published on July 9, 2011 By David

Last month, I posted an infographic that really brought to life the speed at which Linkedin is growing. Now, thanks to researchers from Lab 48, we have insight into HOW 100+ million Linkedin registrants are using the professional social network. And again, we’ve been provided a very helpful infographic that helps illustrate these numbers. As […]