What’s Your “What If?” Career Plan?

Some of you reading this blog post are out of a job and looking for a new one. Others are happily employed but (hopefully) are aware that things could always change.

The question is this: if you find yourself out of work, what if you DON’T land a job immediately?

None of us like to think about the fact that things may not progress as quickly as we think they will. But the truth is that no matter how good we are in our given profession, we’re living in urgent times.

Sometimes people come to me way too late in the game. They’re about to lose their houses, they’ve resorted to cashing in retirement plans, and they ask me what they should do now. The sad truth is that they should’ve thought that through earlier.

That’s why you must have an A, B, C Plan:

  • A Plan: What you hope will happen immediately.
  • B Plan: What you’ll do if Plan A is taking longer than expected.
  • C Plan: This is your “worst case scenario” plan – what you’ll do if things are taking significantly longer than expected and you’re running out of savings.

That’s why I urge all of my clients to set up a timeline that then drives their A, B, C plan, exploring how long they can last before getting a solid outcome. Here’s an example:

  • A Plan: Transition from my previous job to a new one in under a month.
  • B Plan: Begin part time work until I land the career I want or the education I need.
  • C Plan: Sell my home, lower my expenses and start over.

I know this isn’t a fun subject to focus on. Heaven forbid you have to pout your A, B, C Plan into effect. But trust me, if you do, you’ll thank yourself for thinking it through ahead of time!

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