Should You Have a New Year’s Resolution For Your Career?

career new year's resolutionIn short: YES!! I’m a big believer in New Year’s Resolutions overall, and I think a career-motivated resolution is a great thing.

Almost one year ago on January 3rd I posted the following here on the blog, and I still believe every word of it:

Some people are firm believers in the importance and power of New Year’s resolutions, while others see them as a gimmick. My opinion? When it comes to your career, a resolution is a wonderful thing. Why? Because it gives you a goal to work toward, not to mention an inherent positive outlook! It doesn’t matter if you’re employed or unemployed, having something to work for will keep you motivated through the tough times. And when you finally achieve your resolution, you’ll feel a more rewarding sense of accomplishment than you ever thought was possible.

You still have a few days before the New Year – so what will your career resolution be? To land the job of your dreams? To drive change in your workplace? To quit settling? To use social media for better networking? To get that promotion you deserve?

If you can think it, you can do it.

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